Let Us Make Your Wine

Wine Making

Name Change

we are now: ELMIRA FINE WINE.ca

Have you ever made wine?

Come in and make your wine in three easy steps.


  1. Choose the type of grape and the quality level of your wine.

  2. Add the yeast to the grape juice.

  3. Come back in 4 to  6  weeks and bottle your wine using our  equipment and help.

Then enjoy your savings and your Wine

 Featuring The Cheeky Monkey  Wine Kits

Cheeky Monkey Premium Wine Kits
Cheeky Monkey Premium Wine Kits Click the Image to see all the Monkeys

Cheeky Monkey

Have you ever had a wine-snob drive you bananas with their over-the-top analysis on how wine should taste? Let’em try your Cheeky Monkey and show’em how anybody can make a great wine with ATTITUDE!

Cheeky Monkey is a premium 10L, 4-week, country-of-origin wine kit. Like the monkey, get cheeky and thumb your nose at the traditionalist, follow your own path to great wine! Choose Cheeky Monkey and make everyone take notice!

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We also stock all of the fruit Wine

Niagara Mist

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Niagara Mist


The Niagara name has become synonymous with incredible wines and wonderfully tasty fruits. Niagara Mist™ combines famous wine varietals with sassy fruit flavours. Delightfully light and refreshing, exciting combinations such as Peach Chardonnay, Green Apple Sauvignon Blanc or Cranberry Shiraz are the perfect beverage choice for any occasion.

4-WEEK, 7.5L. KIT